Friday, October 30, 2009

Let The Goodness Commence

Mark pulled around 2:30 and we picked up our wristbands.

Security was hardcore searching incoming vehicles. Taking advantage of an otherwise unfortunate scene, Mark and I grabbed a bundle of wine, beer, and champagne that had been confiscated, smooth talked our way through the rest of security, jumped back in our car and jetted. Some nice bottles btw

The Booty

Rest of the day = world series>grilled some burgers, listened to soundcheck, walked around the scenes, tried some FOAM, $14 Bloodies (streep but well made), Lauren picked up a poster at Dry Goods, watched Phish shows of yesteryear on the big screen. Photo is no good, but u get the idea

All and all this place is flat out amazing... Nuff Said

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Loaded up on food and drink... Preperation is complete.

Here's a pic of where Phish will be pwning our faces for the next few days... From backstage

Officially 1.3 miles from Grounds

Morning run to the grounds. It would be impossible to have better weather... SO NICE

Met some peeps from Maine and South Dakota at the entrance.

Back Home to Chill and purchase provisions for the week. Back later for soundcheck. Gates open at noon! Pic below is the Maine entrance or at least as you can get in before gates open.

Home Sweet Home

Tasty mexican food and happy hour margaritas were the perfect solution to a long day of travel.

Hit up the "store" (only in CA) and headed East.

Our pad did not dissapoint as we settled in for a much needed rest. Phillies victory=perfect nighcapper.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Smooth traveling to LA. Caught some z's, watched the hangover, arrived at noon, and picked up rental

Added Luaren to the wolfpack and Chilled at her buddy's fat pad in Silver Lake, LA

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Indio Loomz

Ben arrived at 4:30 a.m. Via cab.

Portland>JFK>LA>The Goodness

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